Our Vision

Claiming “Emmanuel” as our name reminds us daily of the truth that “God is with us” (Matthew 1:23). We believe with His presence we should accomplish great things for Him. Emmanuel’s Vision is one of meeting all the spiritual needs of our community. We see our 16 acres of property being totally used to remind our community of His presence. Numerous staff that will be serving and beautiful but usable facilities designed to serve the needs of people. We desire to be Emmanuel to our community and the world. Outreach will include people of Wabash, Indiana, USA and the World (Acts 1:8). We want the world to know that they could come to us and receive Jesus and be ministered to by our staff using our facilities as tools to help.
All ages (youth, adults and senior adults) of individuals will have a real, vibrant and personal relationship with Jesus. Out of their relationship with Jesus, they will love, know and apply to their life God’s Word and be willing to communicate it to others. The Bible will be our guide as we continue to bring others to Christ as Lord and Savior then as they continue to “grow in grace” (2 Peter 3:18). All ages will be unified and serving God with our resources which would include our time, talents and treasures.

Strategic Plan
Emmanuel’s (1966-2016) Jubilee Journey
This plan includes a guideline to follow to see our vision accomplished for God
2008 – Forward in Faith
           Capital Stewardship Campaign – “Hearing from God”
2009 – Building in Faith
2010 – Growing in Faith: Believe God Can Do All Things, Keep Your Eyes On Him, Share Your Faith With Others,
2011 – Working in Faith: "So built we" - Nehemiah 4:6
2012 – Occupying in Faith
2013 – Walking in Faith
           Capital Stewardship Campaign – “Footprints of Faith”
2014 – Persevering in Faith
2015 – Finishing in Faith
           All ages serving Christ, facilities completed and maintained.
2016 – Emmanuel’s Jubilee Anniversary Celebration!
           July 24, 2016
           Buildings Completed & Debt Free, Burn the note on all debt.